Outreach Head

James Lai


Dear Directors, Delegates, Admin, Press, and Guests,

        I am James Lai, a current senior at the American School in Taichung, and it is my utmost honor to serve as Director of Outreach in the nineteenth session of TAIMUN. For the past year, the TAIMUN Secretariat team has worked tirelessly to build a TAIMUN conference like no other. The TAIMUN XX theme is a product of hours of brainstorming and refining to which we finally decided on a theme that truly pervades all facets of our society and world today: Investing in the Future. Realizing our Hopes. 

        Through this conference, we hope to not only celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Taiwan Model United Nations but also come together to discuss issues surrounding the idea of creating a brighter, better future for future generations. We hope you make the most out of this opportunity, whatever your role may be. Whether you may be a delegate voicing your opinions at the podium, a layout editor working tirelessly behind the scenes for our TAIMUN publication, or a reporter interviewing our keynote speaker and chairs, treasure these moments for they will stay with you forever. For now, work hard, play harder, and I’ll see you in April. 



James Lai 

Director of Outreach 

Taiwan Model United Nations, 20th Session