World Health Organization

Head Chair

Maya Braunstein

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Hello delegates! My name is Maya Braunstein and I am a sophomore at Hsinchu County American school. I am pleased to be your head chair for the World Health Organization!


I started my MUN experience in 2019, with my first conference being THIMUN Singapore online. From there, I attended HIMUN V and TAIMUN XIX as a delegate. In fact, in TAIMUN XIX, I served as the delegate of Russia in the WHO. STMUN XIII was my first chair position and I am very honored to be serving as your President for my second time chairing. I enjoy MUN because it has helped me find my voice as well as the role of a leader. My first in-person conference, I was in SC in the United States and I was filled with nervousness. However, after receiving a note from my chair, encouraging me to speak, I was able to find my voice and gain the confidence I needed to get involved. As a chair, my goal is to do the same for others, whether that is through encouraging notes or support during lobbying. I hope I am able to help first time delegates find their love for MUN, and help returning delegates make lasting memories. I look forward to meeting all of you!


Outside of MUN, I enjoy watching Netflix and listening to music, but I mostly scroll through TikTok. I also love to bake and cook (and eat afterwards). I play basketball and volleyball for my school and in my free time. Overall, I am very honored to be serving as your chair in the World Health Organization and I am very excited to meet each of you in April!

Hey everyone!

My name is Jerry Lee and I am serving as deputy president for the WHO committee. I am currently a sophomore at Taipei American School and I am so thrilled to be serving you guys later on some time during April. I’m a student who’s extremely invested in debate-oriented extracurricular activities, which lead me ultimately to go on this path of MUN conferences. I have attended approximately 7 conferences in total, with three upcoming MUN conferences during the second semester of the school year. It would be fun to be chairing for you guys and I hope I can make the experience involving for you guys.


One of the most fun conferences that I’ve attended was at TAIMUN XIX last year, and it wasn’t without reason. The collaborations between the delegates I’ve seen and the friendly element within the house are refreshing to see. It made the debate and consensus sessions in general so much more fun than it would’ve been, because of how the delegates all wanted to have fun and work together to solve a common issue. Other than just the friendly element within the house, the experiences I got just from communicating with the delegates and having fun with my friends were really exciting to me. Hopefully, I can make the delegate experience interesting and involving for you guys to make this MUN the most fun as it could be.


Another thing that I would like to preserve is a respectful environment within the house where everyone is encouraged to talk. MUN conferences are often the scariest thing in the world if you’re doing it for the first time, and it’s necessary to create an inclusive environment in order to encourage everyone to talk. The house should try to facilitate an environment where everyone is respected and encouraged for their speeches. I would be trying to create an inclusive and fun environment where delegates can have fun during TAIMUN. I hope you guys can all have fun during the conference and talk to me if you’re ever bored during break sessions.


Jerry Lee

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     - 801 Combating child malnourishment in war-torn countries


     - 802 Promoting global health through investing in sustainable universal healthcare