UN Development Program (UN4MUN)


Curtis Ko


Hello, my name is Curtis, and I am honoured to announce that I am going to be your head chair for UNDP. I am currently a sophomore in IBST and this would be my tenth MUN conference.

My journey in MUN has been a real roller-coaster, it all started when I was 6th grade doing debate. I enjoyed debate for its controversial topics, and that led me to enjoying MUN just as much. In 7th grade I was finally able to join MUN. For the following years I continued to conferences, in 9th grade I then got the honour to chair in STMUN which conventionally was also my first MUN. That very year I joined TAIMUN as well, and I really enjoyed the experience. So I applied to be a Chair and be a part of this awesome conference, lucky for me I got in. I haven't chaired high-quality conferences like TAIMUN, but that also means I am more experienced in helping with delegates and keeping them on schedule since I am usually dealing with inexperienced MUNers. So no matter what questions you have, don't think twice before asking me. I am also looking forward to meeting the delegates within the committee, and hope you leave with an unforgettable experience like I had on my TAIMUN trip.


When I am not participating in MUNs, I like to play video games, watch netflix, swim and play basketball. As head chair I will try my best to help you throughout and before this conference. See you in April !!!

Greetings delegates! I am Angel Weng, a current freshman attending the American School in Taichung, and I am more than honored to be serving as your deputy chair of the UNDP in this year’s TAIMUN conference.TAIMUN XX would be my eighth conference and first time chairing. 


I boarded the MUN train when I was a mere and silent seventh grader, who barely said a word to anyone. I could still recall myself at my first MUN conference, sweating and shaking at the podium as I made my opening speech. After that first encounter of an MUN conference, I have made a decision that this is something that I am certainly intrigued in. Over time, MUN did not only shape my personality, but also established a memorable memory in my life. It taught me valuable life-lessons and has given me a broader perspective of what it means to be a global citizen. 


As an encouraging person, I urge each and every one of you to do your best in this year’s TAIMUN conference. I urge you to step up and be a leader for those who need help. I urge you to give everything you’ve got and to pay close attention to the debating session. I will be available if help is needed, and will assist you in the best way possible. Although MUN seems a little nerve-racking and overwhelming, I hope you find MUN exciting and something that you would like to further pursue!


Aside from attending MUN conferences, you can find me training in the swim pool, catching up on homework, and listening to music of all sorts. I also enjoy painting, hanging out with my friends, and traveling. To conclude, I look forward to meeting all of you in this year’s TAIMUN conference. See you soon!

Vice President

Angel Weng

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       - 701 Measures to maximize resilience to natural disasters

       - 702 Investing in the education of women in developing nations