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UN Development Program 


Curtis Ko


Hello, my name is Curtis, and I am honoured to announce that I am going to be your President for UNDP.


I am currently a sophomore in IBST and this is going to be my fifteen MUN conference. When I am not participating in MUNs, I like to play video games, swim and play basketball. My journey in MUN has been a real roller-coaster, it all started when I was 6th grade doing debate. I enjoyed debate for its controversial topics, and that led me to enjoying MUN just as much. In 7th grade I was finally able to join MUN. For the following years I continued to conferences, in 9th grade I then got the honour to chair in TaiMUN. This year I wish to continue serving for TaiMUN. Ever since joining TaiMUN as a delegate Ihave gained an immense amount of knowledge, and so far it has been a fun and valuable trip. I am going to try my best to help any delegates, so don’t hesitate to approach me when you have questions. See you in Apirl!!

I’m Anderson Chung, a current sophomore at Hsinchu County American School. It is with great gratitude and honor that I serve as the Deputy President of the United Nations Development Programme.


I joined MUN in seventh grade and have attended eleven conferences ever since, which means that I started my MUN journey rather early compared to others at my school. From the instant I stepped into the gates of my first conference, I was in awe of how confident and professional everyone looked in the room yet filled with I shook my legs frantically as I made my way across to my seat. I have to admit, I only spoke once in my very first conference.  I remember being traumatized by the anxiety and worry on that day. It was my friend who finally urged me to take a shot with the new MUN club my school started. My reluctant attitude then began to slowly fade away as time passed, looking back on that shy, timid kid who once was even scared to open his mouth and mind to the room. I couldn’t help but be grateful for the way this experience has crafted and shaped me into the person I am today. One piece of advice I would definitely give to new delegates is to believe in yourself and know that it’s okay to be nervous and possibly mess some things up on stage. We are all here to learn and improve ourselves by helping each other as a community.


But anyways, about myself, I enjoy playing the piano (sometimes making my own music), drawing (preferably sketching people), creating my own stories (I’m currently working on a novel), and watching movies & shows (who doesn’t). As a person who has stood in the shoes of a nervous, shy, and new delegate, I promise to do the best I can to provide help to my fellow delegates in UNDP. I look forward to meeting you all at the conference. Thank you very much.

Deputy President

Anderson Chung




       - 701 Addressing the food, fuel, and economic crisis resulting from the Ukraine-Russian conflict


       - 702 Addressing vanishing ecosystem under threat of industrialization 

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