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Chair Reports


100: The situation on the Korean Peninsula

101: The Situation in Yemen

GA 1: Disarmament and International Security

200: Measures to eradicate organized crime as a threat to international peace and security

201: Measures to limit the use and development of chemical and biological weapons

GA3: Social, Humanitarian, & Cultural

300: Measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of orphans and abandoned children in conflict zones

301: Measures to combat global famine and poverty

GA4: Special Political & Decolonization

400: Measures to define the role of neighbouring countries in refugee crises

401: The question of the dispute of the South China Sea

Human Rights Council 

500: Measures to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

501: Measures to combat systemic oppression and discrimination against ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities by law enforcement and security agencies

Economic Social Council

600: Measures to promote micro- financing that combats poverty in less developed countries

601: Measures for member nations to address effects of the ongoing trade war

602: Measures to develop and implement policies that prompt a green economy

GA6: Legal Council

700: Measures to monitor the financial flow and use of Crypto-currency

701:Measures to end the practice of organ trafficking and the implementation of means to protect its victims.

World Health Organization

800: Measures to encourage and implement Universal Health Coverage

801: Measures to encourage “fitness for life” to counter the obesity crisis

802: Measures to provide and sustain the accessibility of vaccines in rural areas and developing nations.

UN Women

1000: Measures to implement and increase means for women’s leadership and political participation

1001: Women in conflict countries and their role to achieve global peace

Historical Security Council

1100: The Cypriot S-300 crisis (1997)

1101: The situation between Afghanistan-USA (2001)

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