Greetings to all participants, and welcome to the 18th annual Taiwan Model United Nations from the Head of the Administrative team- Yume Hsu. I am currently a senior from American School in Taichung, and I’m honored to be serving in this position for my last TAIMUN conference. 
     Over the past eight months, the admin team has been working their hardest and finest preparing all of the little details for this conference, starting from making the badges, placards to what food vendors should be chosen. There are just too many that can even be stated. We have taken all the considerations from the previous conferences to make TAIMUN XVIII as enjoyable as possible. 
       With that in mind, we are proud to give away the mini Bluetooth speaker as the TAIMUN XVIII souvenir. The design of the speaker gave it a simplistic and yet sophisticated outlook. This speaker may be small but is portable to be carried around in your personal belongings. 
Last but not least, I would like to recognize the constant support from the AST teachers and faculty. In addition, my two Deputy Admin Heads, who has been my right and left hands assisting me throughout the entire preparation progress and during TAIMUN. Most importantly, I hope that TAIMUN this year can be the most exciting and delightful experience. Enjoy and be sure to have fun!


Yume Hsu
Admin Head

       Greetings to all participants, welcome to the 18th annual TAIMUN held at the American School in Taichung. My name is Ting Lee, currently a sophomore, I am sincerely excited and honored to serve as Deputy Admin Head this year. The Admin team has been working extremely hard sorting out and making the conference meaningful.

      Admin Team is one of the busiest teams, before and during the conference, we are responsible for making the placards and badges; but not only those, a lot of “behind the scenes” are all the responsibilities of Admins. 

       It’s my third year attending TAIMUN, I only had a year of experience in working as Admin, and this year, I was part of the Executives. I am really thankful that I have my Admin Head, Yume Hsu, helping me and guided me during the past few months, I am also thankful that I have my other partner, Natasha Jones, supporting me, and working as an Admin Executive with me also. In these months, Yume, Natasha, and I have been working closely, discussing ideas to make TAIMUN XVIII better. We wish TAIMUN XVIII will be a memorable MUN conference for you, and we wish you all the best.



Ting Lee

Deputy Administration Head

Deputy Administration Head

Ting Lee

Deputy Administration Head

Natasha Jones

       Welcome to the 18th TAIMUN conference held by the American School in Taichung. I am Natasha Jones, a sophomore at AST, and it is my honor to serve as your Deputy Admin Head this year. The TAIMUN team has been working together for months to ensure that this will be another successful year. 

       This is my third year participating in TAIMUN and also my first time to participate as a member. The admin team is possibly the busiest people before the conference; they spend hours making badges and placards. They are also the ones who set up and organize everything in the rooms. We truly hope that this is a successful and memorable event for all participants as everyone has been working on the event since the start of school.
       It is also my honor to work with Yume and Ting. Meetings and discussions have been made on and off-campus so decisions can be made as soon as possible. The admin team would probably be chaos without ideas and suggestions being passed around. I hope each and everyone one of you will enjoy your time at TAIMUN XVIII.


Natasha Jones
Deputy Admin Head