GA4 (Special Political & Decolonization)

Head Chair

Emily Huang

Emily H.jpg

Hi delegates!


My name is Emily Huang, and it is a pleasure to serve as your head chair for GA4 this year. I am currently a junior at Taipei American School, and started my MUN journey when I was in middle school. I’m someone extremely interested in political science and international relations, so throughout my high school years, I primarily focused on political science related events such as MUN. Debating or speaking on issues where I feel need change, makes me feel happy and excited. 


When I was a delegate in middle school, I was extremely scared. I was scared of getting up to speak behind the podium, I was scared of being questioned, or called on. However, after doing it for multiple years, it actually became extremely fun. Being able to discuss world issues, like we actually had power to do things, is something that I think makes MUN really interesting.


When I chaired TAIMUN last year, it was so fun! Seeing delegates argue and debate on political issues relating to their country, was so exciting!


When I’m not doing school, I preoccupy my time singing,and watching movies. I also love playing badminton and soccer, because it's fun. 


Anyways, I’m super excited to meet all of you guys! Make sure y’all speak up and donate money, so we can do chair dares again:))

Greetings delegates!


My name is Hugo Chiang, currently a sophomore at Asia American International Academy. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as your co-chair for GA4 at TAIMUN XX. TAIMUN XX will be my tenth conference and my third time chairing. I first began my Model UN journey in my freshman year. During my first conference, I remembered that I didn’t speak much and was nervous throughout the entire conference. After seeing my own incompetency, I wanted to learn more about MUN and speak more in the upcoming conferences. Shortly after my first couple of conferences I slowly grew to like MUN. I began to appreciate the intense debate, the people, and the environment. MUN has taught me the importance of being well-prepared and I encourage everyone to research both issues and reach out to me if you ever need help. I understand the stress that new delegates may feel when they go to their first conference and I encourage each of you to step out of your comfort zones and try something new. Additionally, I strongly recommend paying attention to each POI, speech, and amendment to learn even more about MUN and continuously grow.  I hope to make TAIMUN XX a memorable conference for everyone and wish that it’ll be your source of encouragement to continue your MUN journey and become even better. Aside from MUN, you may find me socializing, watching Netflix, running, playing basketball or football, and sleeping. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns either about MUN or anything in general. I look forward to seeing all of you in TAIMUN XX. See you soon!


Hugo Chiang




       - 301 Addressing the threats of cyberwarfare to strengthen democracy

       - 302 Fostering international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space