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GA3 (Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural)

Head Chair

Morris Chang


Greetings all,

My name is Morris Chang, currently a senior (G12) attending KCIS Linkou Campus. It is my honor to serve as the Head Chair of General Assembly 3 at TAIMUN XXII. This will be my 12th conference and this will be my 3nd time chairing. 

When I first joined MUN in 8th Grade, I was shy and unsure of myself like many new delegates. But over time with more practice, I was able to progressively come out of my shell. Initially a rather reserved individual, my MUN journey has allowed me to develop the skills for persuasive communication and the confidence to present my ideas in front of others. I hope that TAIMUN, as a part of your own MUN journey, can help you get there! If it’s your first conference, don’t be afraid to speak up; MUN is all about expressing your opinions and working with others. 

To me, MUN is also an opportunity to further one’s understanding of the world, an extensively multifaceted place. Attending a conference while doing research and debating on these topics allows us to understand this vast world we live in just a little more, not to mention all you learn about the country you represent through the process. MUN can help us conceptualize both the complex harmonies and dissonances which exist in our increasingly globalized society. If you have any questions about anything, please come talk to the chairs. But, anyways, at the end of the day, one of the beautiful things about MUN, in my opinion, is that you decide what you get out of the experience. So make TAIMUN what you wish it to be. 

Aside from MUN, arguably too much time is spent learning modern songs on the violin, an activity I thoroughly enjoy. I also play basketball too. I wish you the best of luck in our upcoming conference. Do your best and don’t be afraid to take the leap!

Hello delegates!


My name is Priscilla Chui , and I am a junior at Taipei American School (TAS). It is my utmost honor to serve as your Deputy Chair of GA3 this year in TAIMUN XXII.  


My journey with MUN started in my freshman year, in Shanghai American School (SASPD) as a small page, having no clue whatsoever how MUN conferences worked. However, that day changed and shaped my future path for high school, and MUN became an inseparable piece of it. After transferring to Taipei in February 2023, I was introduced to my first real conference as a delegate, which lasted for a span of 2 days. During the first day, I wasn’t sure what certain terms meant, and scrambled for support from my friend who was chairing. On the second day, I became more assertive and was even able to have a heated debate with one of the most experienced and aggressive delegates in our committee. I eventually won the “Most Improved” unofficial award that was chosen by other delegates. Although this was not an official reward, it motivated me to attend more and more conferences and become a confident speaker. MUN has allowed me to develop valuable public speaking skills that would remain beneficial even in the far future. I recommend novice delegates to prepare in advance before the conference, drafting a resolution and anticipating possible counterarguments that other delegates may make. Do not worry if this is your first conference; this is also the first time I am chairing. As for more experienced delegates, TAIMUN will be a fantastic opportunity for you to gain more experience in MUN. 


Aside from MUN, I enjoy skating, biking, and congressional debate. 


I look forward to seeing y’all in March! 

Deputy Chair

Priscilla Chui




       - 301 The protection and integration of migrants into a foreign nation

       - 302 Addressing the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

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