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GA3 (Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural)

Head Chair

Kyra Dean


Hello, delegates! My name is Kyra Dean, and I am a current junior at Hsinchu International School. It is with utmost pleasure to be serving as your Head Chair for General Assembly 3 at this year's TAIMUN conference. I have been participating in MUN since the seventh grade, and TAIMUN XXI will be the 8th conference I've chaired and the 17th I've attended.

MUN is not only about finding your own opinion but also about listening and understanding the perspectives of others. Through my experiences in Model United Nations, I have become an active learner, an effective communicator, and a critical thinker and problem solver. MUN has enabled me to become more aware of issues that plague our world and shaped me into the global citizen I am today.


As your head chair, I want to make myself as approachable as possible and allow delegates to ask me about the issue at hand. In order to ensure that the most effective and feasible solutions are produced, I highly encourage all delegates to complete extensive background research on the topic beforehand. New delegates may feel shy to speak up at first because they are unsure of debate procedure and their respective country stances, but I want to be the one to provide you with the confidence you need to approach the podium and voice your opinions. As I was once that shy delegate unable to approach the floor, I hope that at this conference, I can assist all delegates in allowing them to express themselves and become active fighters for our future.

With that being said, I truly cannot wait to see you all at TAIMUN XXI this April!

Hey delegates!


My name is Tammy Hsu, a sophomore from Asia American International Academy, and it is an honor of mine to serve as the deputy chair of GA3 at TAIMUN this year. 

Although this is my first year at TAIMUN, this conference marks as my 21th conference and 5th chairing. To me, MUN is a place of growth and inclusion. I was a timid six grader when I first stumbled upon the world of Model United Nations, yet the community embraced me with open hands. The strong sense of belonging sparked my interest to continue my pursue of this journey. I also began to realize the importance of the debated topics, prompting me to tackle them in my own community outside of the debate setting. 

Aside from MUN I like to explore new places, binge rom coms, and am determined to complete my seasonal bucket lists. 

I hope our participating delegates can make the most of their time at TAIMUN, leaving the conference recharged with a new found passion that will push them to continue or began their paths in MUN. Kyra and I will embrace you all with warm hugs this upcoming April and assist you all for an unforgettable conference.


See you all soon!

Deputy Chair

Tammy Hsu

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       - 201 Addressing the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on individual

                 freedoms and societal concerns 

       - 202 Ensuring the rights of refugees in conflict zones

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