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General Assembly 6

Head Chair

Ken Miao


Hello, delegates!


My name is Ken Miao, and I am a senior at Dominican International School Taipei. I am

currently the Vice President of DISMUN, and this will be my 16th conference. I am honored

to serve as your chair in the General Assembly 6 for the upcoming TAIMUN conference.

I attended my first MUN conference in ninth grade, which was considerably late compared with my fellow MUN friends of my age. Regardless, I fell in love with the MUN spirit. I love the comradeship among delegates. The lengthy discussions with other delegates to strategize our speeches are some of my fondest memories of MUN. Each conference has shaped me to be a more informed person to carry out my duty as a global citizen. I hope to ignite and preserve the same spark that you have with MUN.

As a chair, I ensure the committee atmosphere is serious yet friendly at times. I will assist

with any questions you might have about the committee issues, resolution/amendment

writing, and public speaking. The most helpful advice I can give to all MUN newcomers is

not to be afraid. I know speaking to a group of strangers could be frightening, but there is no rational reason to be shy and afraid. As long as you get your ideas across, that is a win.

Remember, we are all here to improve ourselves.

Something about myself: I am a swimming coach. I have been competing in swim meets

since second grade. Those of you who participated in TISSA swim meets might have seen

me coaching my team, and some of you might have competed with me. I enjoy

binge-watching movies and TV shows in my free time. Feel free to nerd out with me during committee session breaks!

I look forward to meeting you all.

Thank you!

Hello! My name is Linson Lee, a junior currently attending International Bilingual

School at Hsinchu Science Park (IBSH).


My MUN journey began relatively late in 9th grade as a first time delegate participating in HSINMUN. Recalling the experience of my first conference, I had quite a rough time as I was still getting used to MUN procedures, especially the structure of debate as it was different from the debate I used to partake in. Despite this, by attentively listening and observing the entirety of the process, I was truly fascinated by the nuances of a MUN conference. The intensity of debate, the thought needed to create a well rounded

resolution, the aggressiveness required to assert perspective, the enthusiasm of delegates, all of these facets of MUN is what makes it such an enriching experience. As I began to attend more conferences, my understanding of global issues and public speaking skills progressively improved. MUN, being such a tight knit community, has shaped me into a global citizen and became an essential part of what constitutes who I am.

For new delegates, don't hesitate to go up to the podium to make your very first speech,

although taking the first step is often the hardest part of a journey, what lies beyond is a new adventure awaiting for you. Also, do recognize that you are not alone in the committee room, other delegates as well as us chairs will always be there if you need assistance. For experienced delegates, try to adopt a more aggressive approach when it comes to debate, as doing so will not only make the debate interesting but also allow for the new delegates to get a better grasp of the issue at hand. Outside of MUN, I love to play basketball, watch anime, and play video games. I hope you guys are excited as I am to embark on this one of a kind experience in TAIMUN!

Deputy Chair

Linson Lee

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       - (301) Addressing human trafficking in Southeast Asia

       - (302) The responsibility to prevent crimes against humanity 

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