Security Council (SC)

       - 101 The Situation in Kashmir

       - 102 The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict


       - 201 Improving education for women in Africa and the Middle East

       - 202 Safeguarding the cultural identity of ethnic and religious minorities


       - 301 Efforts to ensure the decolonization of Non-Self Governing Territories (NGSTs)

       - 302 Ensuring the peaceful uses of outer space

GA6 (Legal)

       - 401 Measures to address the deportation of illegally-immigrated or undocumented children

       - 402 Measures to counteract media bias and misinformation in influencing democratic elections

Human Rights Council (HRC)

       - 501 Protecting the rights of the Uyghur People

       - 502 Measures to ensure LGBTQ+ rights

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

       - 601 Ameliorating the effects of institutional racism on world economies

       - 602 Measures to drive economic growth through economic diplomacy and cooperation

UN Development Program (UNDP)(UN4MUN)

       - 701 Ensuring the comfortable implementation of refugees into host country societies

       - 702 Measures to prevent the spreading of HIV/AIDS in developing countries

World Health Organization (WHO)

       - 801 Guaranteeing patient privacy in developing artificial intelligence, database systems, and other technologies for medical use

       - 802 Delivering accessible and high-quality healthcare to low-resource and remote areas

Advisory Panel Question (APQ)

       - 901 Addressing racial discrimination in professional sports

       - 902 Addressing the issue of performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports

Historical Security Council (HSC)

       - 1001 The Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)

       - 1002 The situation in Rwanda (1990-1994)