- Measures to reduce international weapons trafficking to radical terrorist organizations

       - Rising Insurgencies and terrorist activity in the Kashmir Area


       - Enabling the integration of LGBTQ individuals into society

       - The question of repatriating national artifacts

GA4 (SpecPol)

       - The Question of Western Sahara

       - The Question of Public Surveillance Over-use

GA6 (Legal) 

       - Ensuring the criminal accountability of United Nations officials and experts on missions

       - Determining the scope and application of universal jurisdiction


       - Eradicating the systemic penalization of actions pertaining to and members of the LGBTQ+ community

       - Ensuring universal, undiscriminating access to comprehensive health care

UN Women

       - Eradicating and ameliorating the effects of global domestic violence

       - Measures to promote quality education for women


       - Whaling in the Antarctic (Australia v. Japan: New Zealand intervening)

Security Council

       - Improve global marine security by addressing modern piracy

       - The Situation in Libya


       - Measures to promote efficient and environmentally friendly means of waste disposal

       - Measures to address and mitigate the effects of light pollution on the environment


       - Addressing soil infertility as well as developing ways to promote farmland sustainability

       - Recognizing ageing population issue and develop measures to address it

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