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GA1 ( Disarmament and International Security)

Head Chair

Siaya Kaufman 


Hello delegates! 


My name is Siaya Kaufman, a senior studying at Hsinchu International School and I will be serving as your president in this year’s General Assembly 1st Committee. 


I started my MUN journey back in year seven in hopes of becoming better at debating as well as public speaking. Never would I have imagined that MUN would be such a great impact on me. I remember sitting at my first MUN conference almost six years ago not having a clue what was going on. My main goal was to go up to the podium and improvise a speech on the spot. Even though I didn’t know what I was talking about when I went up, I was proud of myself for simply having the courage to speak in front of a crowd of 40 people. After my first conference, I spoke a little more, held my chin up a little higher, and gained much more confidence. As I know what it’s like to sit in a room filled with having been new to MUN before, I highly encourage delegates to take time in preparation so they would feel more confident during the conference as they would know solid ideas regarding the topic. 


If you still feel nervous, feel free to approach me and I would be more than honoured to help ease your nerves or assist you in any way possible! TAIMUN would be my twenty-third conference and my last time chairing. Aside from MUN, some things I enjoy doing during my free time include singing, strumming the guitar, reading, writing, and binging Netflix shows. I would describe myself as someone who is very outgoing and energetic. That being said, if you have anything you’d want to talk about whether it’s regarding MUN or not, feel free to approach me! I am sincerely looking forward to seeing you all at TAIMUN this April!

Greetings, delegates! My name is Michelle Yang, and I am a sophomore at Kang Chiao International School. It is my utmost honor to have a chance to serve as the deputy chair of GA1 at this year’s TAIMUN XXI. I started my MUN journey in the eighth grade, and TAIMUN XXI will be my first experience being a student council and the 10th MUN conference in total.


MUN played an important role in my life because it influenced my self-growth. The benefits of attending MUN are not only about learning debate skills but also about making friends with people who are in the various schools around Taiwan. In addition, various skills, including researching, communicating, speaking, and writing, are all obtained in the procedure of debating. Most importantly, I learned how to express my thoughts with logical reasons and organized structure throughout the MUN conference.


Being a deputy chair, I will try my best to give advice and assistance to all delegates. For new delegates, I encourage you to have a poised confidence to speak up about your perspectives by making a speech or asking a POI during the debate times. In addition, if you are fully prepared for the topic, the last step you have to accomplish is to bravely express your ideas and not be afraid to speak out. Overall, I motivate all delegates to listen carefully and think deeply while other delegates are making a speech, to create a constructive debate at TAIMUN XXI.


My other hobbies besides MUN are swimming, photography, and listening to music. TAIMUN is always my favorite MUN conference because it is not only my first experience chairing the committee but also the first conference in my MUN journey in 2020! I hope for more amazing memories with you all and look forward to meeting everyone at TAIMUN XXI!

Deputy Chair

Michelle Yang




       - 101  Prevention of illegal trading of weapons on the dark web

       - 102  Adopting measures to regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (drones) in warfare

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