GA3 (Social, Cultural, & Humanitarian)

Head Chair

Siaya Kaufman

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Greetings delegates!


       My name is Siaya Kaufman, currently a junior studying at Hsinchu International School. It is my utmost pleasure to be able to serve as your head chair at this year’s annual TAIMUN conference. I started my MUN journey back in year seven in hopes of becoming better at debating as well as public speaking. Never would I have imagined that MUN would hold such a great impact on me. I remember sitting in the very front of the conference room during my first conference trying my best to keep up with what was going on. Although I barely spoke throughout the entire conference, I paid close attention to what the other delegates were saying and the points that they raised. I knew then that MUN was something I would want to continue to pursue so I continued to put in the effort to help better myself. Having been the new delegate who felt unprepared during debate before, I highly encourage delegates to take time in preparation so you would feel more confident during the conference as you would have more knowledge and solid points to make regarding the issue being discussed. If you still feel nervous, feel free to approach me and I would be more than honoured to help ease your nerves or assist you in any way possible! TAIMUN XX would be my sixteenth conference and my third time chairing. Aside from MUN, some of my other hobbies include making music, writing, reading, binge-watching Netflix series, as well as spending an unhealthy amount of time on TikTok. That being said, if you have anything you’d want to talk about whether it’s regarding MUN or not, feel free to approach me! I am sincerely looking forward to seeing you all at TAIMUN this April! 

Greetings delegates!

My name is Ashmita Haldar, and I am currently a sophomore at Taipei American School. It is my utmost pleasure to serve you all as co-chair in SOCHUM for this year’s TAIMUN conference! I began my MUN journey in 6th grade, as an interested yet nervous delegate who did not have a lot of confidence and was afraid to speak up. I used to often overthink my speeches, and not be able to gather the courage to step up to the podium. However, by competing in multiple MUN conferences throughout the years, I have gotten over my fears and have begun to appreciate the appeal of debate! MUN is a great platform for building your confidence and knowledge, while having fun and meeting new people at the same time. I hope to help you have an enjoyable experience in this year’s conference, as well as build up your skills for future MUNs. 

This year’s theme, “Investing in the Future: Realizing Our Hopes” is a compelling one, as it calls on our generation to make a lasting positive impact. With the future being in our hands, it is our ideas that will shape the world of tomorrow. Therefore, I encourage you all to voice out your thoughts and opinions, and bring all of your unique perspectives into debate. Knowing how it’s like to be a new inexperienced delegate, I encourage all of you to prepare well, not be afraid to speak your mind, and most importantly, make new friends and have fun!

Outside of MUN, I am passionate about computer science, and I enjoy multiple hobbies. During my free time, you can find me watching shows, playing video games, attempting to write, or drawing. Additionally, I would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to approach me, whether it be about the conference and MUN, discussing new shows or movies, or just to say hi! Let’s make TAIMUN XX a memorable one!


Ashmita Haldar

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       - 201 Promoting interreligious and intercultural exchanges to counter hate speech

       - 202 Consolidating the South-South and triangular cooperation