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Stevin Yang

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Hello Delegates!


My name is Stevin Yang and it is truly my honor to serve as one of your head chairs for this year’s Security Council at TAIMUN XX. I am a junior at Taipei American School and this will be my 11th MUN conference. In addition, this will be my second TAIMUN conference and I’m looking forward to returning this time as a chair. I first began my journey as a page in the fifth grade and slowly worked my way toward being a delegate. Since my first conference at MYMUN in seventh grade, I have garnered a deeper understanding about global politics and made unforgettable memories in conferences worldwide.


As we approach this conference, I implore all delegates to look within themselves and take steps toward achieving a brighter future for our world. This year’s theme “Investing in the Future: Realizing our Hopes” seeks for us to recognize the hopes we want to achieve and initiate action to achieve our goals for the future. I encourage all delegates to keep this theme in mind as they begin to draft their resolution. It is important to look for solutions that are not just feasible, but also solutions that are long term.


I hope that as this conference elapses, we take the skills we learn from MUN and apply it to our community in a way that we can impact those around us. Let’s continue cultivating both our MUN and local community and achieve our goals for the future!


I look forward to seeing everyone this April!

Hello, delegates!


        My name is Sabrina Gulotty, and I am a junior at Asia American International Academy. This year, I will be President of Security Council (SC) at TAIMUN XX. I first began my MUN journey in the seventh grade; as an inexperienced new delegate, everything from the complicated procedures to the convoluted topics intimidated me. I was hesitant to engage and even more reluctant to speak. However, like all things, I gradually improved with time. By the time of this conference, I will have since attended nineteen conferences and chaired at seven. In my experience as both a delegate and a chair, I have watched upperclassmen graduate and underclassmen grow into their roles. Each and every time another conference comes around, I am reminded of the reasons why I love MUN: the intellectually-stimulating debate, the welcoming people, the nuanced issues, and so much more. MUN is an opportunity to discuss worldly issues that affect the lives of millions of people; these ever-relevant topics, when facilitated by procedure and careful diplomacy, can be solved by any delegate willing to collaborate and think openly. Although it can be daunting for an inexperienced delegate to jump right into impromptu speaking and discussing complex issues, I encourage all delegates all to try your best to engage and work to find solutions the topics at hand. Some of the best advice I have ever received is to be prepared- whether that is mentally prepared to be an engaged member of the committee, or whether that means to research the stances of every country in your committee, having done work to ready yourself is incredibly helpful for making your experience at any conference more meaningful. As a chair, I also hope to make this conference as fulfilling as possible for you all, so please come to me with any questions, concerns, or random observations that you’d like to share with me.


See you all in April!


Sabrina Gulotty

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       - 101 The situation in Haiti

       - 102 Improving the accountability and allocation of resources of UN Peacekeeping operations