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In 2002, the first AST MUN conference was held. Although it was small in size, it had an immense impact on students and staff who attended. Thus began a tradition which continues to this day.​

Mr. Irwin Stein, Director of AST in 2002, was instrumental in encouraging the formation of MUN at AST. In 2001, MUN was part of an International Relations course and the students participated in BEIMUN, the Beijing MUN conference. This led to the formation of MUN as a club and an extracurricular activity.  The first edition of the TAIMUN TIMES was produced in 2004. Today's students continue to step into the role of United Nations ambassadors to debate current issues. While the problems that plague our world,  such as conflict, environment and poverty never seem to be solved in reality, the student delegates who participate present theories and resolutions that world leaders should consider. The purpose of MUN is to promote international cooperation and problem solve. Young minds develop an understanding of and empathy for global citizens in addition to a sense of responsibility for world peace and well being.


The past few years have seen TAIMUN attended by up to 350 students from Asian countries. We at AST are proud of this tradition and hope to emulate and uphold the United Nations diplomacy and goals for years to come.

History and Purpose

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