Economic & Social Council


Lydia Chen

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Hello, delegates! 


My name is Lydia Chen, a junior from American School in Taichung, and it is my honor to serve as the head chair of ECOSOC in TAIMUN XX. 


I started my MUN journey when I was a 9th grader and had been deeply attracted to the intensity of the debate, the global issues, and the opportunities that MUN gave me in my high school time. I remember the first time when I went abroad and joined one of the most intense MUN in Asia -- THIMUN, and felt unprepared, anxious, and frightened about the debate skills of the delegates. After that experience, I participated in more MUN around Taiwan, and sharpened my debate skills, knowledge about MUN procedures, and most importantly, my confidence. 


MUN is a great opportunity for everyone to practice their public speaking skills, speech-making skills, understand more about global issues and countries’ stances, and make lots of friends. Personally, MUN is one of the most joyful, intense, and memorable experiences I had in my high school years, and I hope each one of you can view MUN as I do. 


As your head chair, I will ensure that that conference will be a delightful and memorable experience. I encourage every delegate to speak up for their country, step out of their comfort zone, and emerge yourself in the MUN world! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, since everyone is at a different level in terms of MUN experiences. I myself had once been a delegate that didn't know anything about MUN too! I will do my best to assist every delegate before the conference and during the conference, and I hope that every delegate will be excited and fully engaged during the two days in TAIMUN! 


Apart from MUN, I enjoy drawing, writing stories, and cooking. I also like to train in the gym, play basketball and volleyball. I look forward to seeing you all at the conference!

Hello delegates!


My name is Amanda Shen, and I’m a junior at Taipei American School. It is my pleasure to be able to serve as one of your co-chairs for the ECOSOC committee at this year’s TAIMUN conference! As of right now, TAIMUN will be my ninth conference overall and my third time serving as a student officer. 


I started my MUN journey back in freshman year, and looking back, I’m extremely grateful that I decided to join. Participating in MUN has allowed me to gain many useful skills, including leadership, debate, and public speaking. I remember at my first conference I barely participated in debate because I was so nervous raising my placard and going up to the podium. However, as the conference progressed, and with the encouragement of my chairs, I was able to break out of my comfort zone.


As a student officer, I have had the honor of seeing so many delegates grow and develop both inside and outside of the committee room, and I hope that as a chair at TAIMUN, I can help more delegates grow as debaters and as representatives of the international community. 


Aside from MUN, I enjoy reading and watching anime in my free time. Most recently, I finished watching The Promised Neverland and am currently watching Your Lie in April- I’m always open to suggestions for new anime to watch or manga to read!


I look forward to meeting you all in April! In the meantime, I hope everyone stays happy and safe!

Vice President

Amanda Shen

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Vice President

Amber Lin

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Greetings delegates!


My name is Amber Lin and I’m a sophomore at Taipei American School. As of so far, I’ve attended eight conferences, and this will be my first time chairing at a MUN conference. My MUN experience began back in eighth grade when my mom suggested me to try MUN since it would improve my public speaking skills. At first, I didn’t participate a lot in the conference because I had no idea what was going on, everything felt like it was moving at such a fast pace. Though during TAIMUN XIX, due to previous conference experiences, I began to finally enjoy the fun in participating in MUN conferences, therefore I started to speak more and make more amendments and speeches. As a person who understands the feelings of first time delegates who are unsure of what is happening or not knowing what to say, my chair encouraged me a lot and send me a lot of notes. Therefore, as a deputy chair, I would like to do the same to encourage the delegates in hopes of sparking their passion towards MUN. Moreover, as a delegate who began MUN around the time of the pandemic, I would also like to note that as my first few conferences were online, once it became in real life conferences, the whole experience was more lively. So I hope for the upcoming TAIMUN conference, it would be very enjoyable for all of you guys!


Outside of MUN, I enjoy watching shows on Netflix, and even C-drama or K-drama. Most of the time, I also scroll through Tik Tok and listen to music. One thing aside from entertainment that I enjoy is spending time with my friends and going to the karaoke with them. In school, I enjoy math class and lunch with my friends. All in all, if you have any questions regarding or disregarind MUN, feel free to approach or contact me! I’m really excited in meeting all of you in April!



       - 601 Addressing the economic and social implications of the tragedy of the commons

       - 602 Promoting the implementation of clean energy to ensure sustainable development

       - 603 Reenvisioning employment in a post COVID-19 world