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World Health Organization

Head Chair

Jason Yang


Hello delegates!


​My name is Jason Yang, currently a Junior from Hsinchu County American School, and I have the honor of serving as your head chair for WHO. Reflecting back on my MUN in 7th grade, I was still an extremely shy and inexperienced delegate. I still remember how the mere thought of giving a POI filled me with trepidation. However, as the years unfolded, MUN has bestowed upon me invaluable lessons in the art of compromise, diligent research, and effective collaboration—a treasure trove of skills that have resonated with me throughout my journey. I wish to extend that favor to new and returning delegates, helping them realize and reach their potential as leaders and collaborators. I want to be able to guide delegates to overcome their fears and apprehensions as well as help them learn something new about themselves.


 Aside from MUN and debate, I enjoy playing video games, reading, and binging Netflix. 

Feel free to come and chat about these interests anytime. I am incredibly excited to meet you all at TAIMUN this year!  

Deputy Chair 

Zoe Wan

Greetings Delegates! 

My name is Zoe Wan, a sophomore at the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your Deputy President of WHO at TAIMUN XXII. My MUN journey started as a timid admin, passing notes and filling water bottles. As the weekend progressed, I became increasingly awed by the passionate delegates making speeches and drafting amendments, fascinated by the nuances of a conference. Even with my introverted personality, I found MUN an enjoyable and educational activity as my public speaking and social skills improved as I attended more conferences, eventually becoming an integral part of my school life. No matter how familiar you are with Model UN, I encourage everyone to pay attention to every POI, speech, and amendment made and to do your best to work towards a consensus with the other delegates on the pressing issues.

Aside from MUN, I enjoy customizing my devices’ home screens to different themes, listening to music, and finding new hobbies to try. As your deputy chair, I hope to make TAIMUN XXII a learning experience while simultaneously being a fun and memorable conference for everyone. I’m so excited to see you all in March! 



     - 701 Ensuring equal access to healthcare amidst conflicts 



     - 702  Measures to ensure ethical use of AI in healthcare

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