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Audrey Hsieh

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Hello delegates!


My name is Audrey Hsieh and it is my utmost pleasure to be serving as your head chair for UNESCO at TAIMUN XX. I am currently a junior at Taipei American School, where I began my MUN journey in 7th grade as a timid delegate who was afraid to speak up. Since then, I have been able to gain a lot of experience from various conferences worldwide, with TAIMUN being my fourteenth conference. 


I believe that MUN not only helps us to grow personally with our communication, cooperation, and leadership skills, but also allows us to develop a unique perspective on the world. More than that, I have found that the most valuable thing I have been able to gain from MUN as a whole is the community it builds, bringing people together and forming everlasting relationships. 


This year’s theme, “Investing in the Future: Realizing Our Hopes”, emphasizes the importance of the empowerment of individuals to take steps towards shaping their own future and shaping a better world. I believe that by being involved in MUN, all delegates are already making an impact and a difference in our world, and as a chair, I strive to further this spirit in fostering an environment where delegates are able to continue to grow and learn, and bring change to their communities. 


Thus, I hope that through the TAIMUN XX conference, all of us are able to challenge and develop ourselves as individuals, build our MUN community further, and beyond anything, have a memorable experience. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Welcome, delegates! 


I am Fiona Stokes, your co-chair for the UNESCO committee. 


It is my honor to serve as your co-chair, guide, devout listener, note-proofreader, and friend. I want to cultivate an environment where all delegates are encouraged to engage. I understand that you may have numerous questions to clear up before you can confidently go up to the podium – that is where I come in. Feel free to ask me anything. Ask me about your stance as a delegate, procedural inquiries, or treat me as a second set of eyes on your work. My goal is to be your greatest advocate and to support your debate. 


MUN is a gathering of young delegates of the rising generation, coming together in an attempt to find solutions to major global issues. We dive into complex topics that require a deep knowledge of events, cultures, and contexts. We discuss what is most efficient, effective, and economical. Delegates must consider the stances of their delegation, their presentation of more controversial stances, as well as how to diplomatically argue against a point they disagree with. It is a discussion that requires nuance, sensitivity, and attention to detail – which I hope to facilitate and support. 


Delegates are reminded of the importance of assessing their priorities as different countries with this year’s theme – “Investing Into the Future: Realizing Our Hopes”. Ask yourself: What does my country want? How much are we willing to invest in a solution? How feasible is this solution? These are all important questions that we must take into account as we work to draft resolutions. 


I look forward to a debate that forces us all to dig deep, fight hard, and ultimately see the opposing point of view more clearly. With that, we can become more empathetic to issues we face not only as countries but as a society. I cannot wait to hear from you and am excited to meet you all soon!

Vice President

Fiona Lee Stokes

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