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Mr. Bart Linssen


Keynote Speaker
Managing Director - ENERCON Taiwan Ltd.
Director - European Chambers of Commerce Taiwan
Co-chair of Wind Energy Committee - European Chambers of Commerce Taiwan

        Mr. Linssen has 20 years of experience in the management of service and maintenance of power producing equipment in Taiwan. His mission is to show that renewable energy can directly compete with traditional energy sources and is therefore the alternative of choice for both environmental and economic reasons. He is a frequent speaker on the topic.

        As Managing Director of ENERCON Taiwan Ltd. Mr. Linssen is responsible for the installation and maintenance of 233
ENERCON 2,3MW Wind-turbines in Taiwan. He is also in charge of the APAC training and support center in Taiwan.


        ENERCON Taiwan Ltd is part of the ENERCON GmbH group, globally the fifth largest manufacturer of wind turbines in
terms of market share and best known in the market for its high quality products.


        With a combined turbine generating capacity of over 420MW ENERCON has 70% of the onshore wind-turbine market in Taiwan. The ENERCON wind turbines are known for being quiet, reliable and robust. The first ENERCON turbines were
installed in Taiwan in 2002 on Penghu island and are still in operation. All installed turbines have shown to be able to
withstand Taiwan’s climate conditions and typhoons. The local installation and maintenance team has played a big role in
that success.


        Mr. Linssen was born in the Netherlands and received a master’s degree from the Eindhoven University of technology in
the Netherlands with a major in Energy Systems. He has been living in Taiwan since 2000.

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