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UN Women

My name is Ashley Wang, a senior at Hsinchu International School. I am incredibly honored to be secretary for UN Women at TAIMUN this year! I really like to do sports, make music, bake, and do arts and crafts. One of my favorite extracurriculars, of course, is MUN. I joined MUN in middle school; I’ve been to nine conferences and this will be my second time chairing. 


MUN has molded me from a timid, anxious delegate to a confident, resilient speaker. To new delegates, please don’t be nervous! We were all beginners once. I used to fear speaking during debate as well– having so many people listen to me talk was truly nerve-wracking. Watching my articulate seniors debate so well was also intimidating, and I felt like I would never achieve what they had (how ironic). Please don’t be afraid to ask questions and always study the issues to the fullest extent! Remember, each conference is another chance to display everything you have prepared for. I trust that everyone will do a remarkable job. 


I can’t wait to meet you all in March! See you soon!

Head Chair

Ashley Wang


Deputy Chair

Ethan Tse

My name is Ethan Tse, currently a sophomore studying at Taipei American School, and I am looking forward to serving as the chair for this year’s UN Women committee. This marks my 8th MUN conference, but only my second time chairing. I began my MUN journey back in 7th grade. At the time, MUN was merely another extracurricular that I wanted to try out, and looking back, I definitely did not expect it to play such a significant role in my high school career. 


Whether through building confidence in my public speaking skills, or turning me into an active debater by strengthening my critical thinking ability, MUN has certainly had some profound impacts on me as a person. I vividly recall entering my very first conference, where I felt shy, uncomfortable, and utterly confused about the unique procedures. But as the years progressed and I started joining more and more conferences, I slowly mustered up the courage to consistently ask POI’s, develop speeches, and even submit amendments. 


New delegates: My advice to you would be to have confidence and belief in yourself and your preparation. Definitely speak up at least a few times during this conference. I’ve been in your shoes before, and I know how hard it can be, but you guys got this!


In my free time, I enjoy eating good food, playing soccer, and of course, sleeping. But that’s it for now, I’ll see you guys in March…


       - 1001 Measures to eradicate forced prostitution 


       - 1002 The question of sanctioning honor killings 

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