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Outreach Head

Rachel Cheng

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Honorable Chairs, Fellow Delegates and the Most Esteemed Guests,


Welcome to TAIMUN XXII, my name is Rachel Cheng and I am a current junior at American School in Taichung. This year, I am honored to be serving as your Head of Outreach team. This year marks my second term leading this team, and I am here to assist any questions you may have or concerns you have during the conference.


 As the head of the Outreach team, my primary goal is to enhance your TAIMUN experience by expanding our relationship with other schools and seeking for valuable sponsorships. I am dedicated to keeping you informed on TAIMUN XXII by regularly updating our social media, ensuring that you have access to the latest information. I hope this year’s TAIMUN will be a remarkable experience for you to be able to make new friends, find your passion in debating and have fun. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me!



Rachel Cheng

TAIMUN Deputy Head of Outreach

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