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Corcoran Fundation

to promote Economic Literacy


The purpose of the Corcoran Fund to Promote Economic Literacy (hereafter The Fund) is to support activities at American School in Taichung (AST) and TAIMUN that will expand opportunities for AST students and TAIMUN participants to further understanding of emerging economic issues. The fund was established in continue Andrew Corcoran’s efforts at furthering economic literacy while at AST where he served as Director and Economics teacher, 2010-2017.


  • Encourage in depth study of economic issues through an annual Economic Issues Prize.

  • Support participation in MUN activities outside Asia for students who demonstrate a strong
    interest in improving economic literacy.

  •  Provide support for expenses related to keynote speakers at TAIMUN. 

  • Provide adequate funding and an organizational framework to support these goals.

The Essay Contest

Topic: Economic growth as measured by increased GDP has long been considered the engine that drives the economy and improves standards of living. Some economists are arguing unrestrained growth is no longer feasible and look to other measures for improving standards of living. Is it time to reduce reliance on unrestrained growth to drive economies and improve standards of living?


The four articles below provide a starting point to discuss this issue.


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