Dear Honorable Chairs, Delegates and Most Esteemed Guests,


       The TAIMUN XVIII Secretariate regrets to inform you that this year’s TAIMUN XVIII event will be canceled. This year’s cancellation is in direct response to the current state of affairs regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. The TAIMUN XVIII staff and AST administration have both agreed to comply with the Taiwan Government and Taichung City government mandate that strongly advises against holding any large gathering of people at an event. We here at TAIMUN  XVIII stand with the Taiwanese Government’s methods of monitoring and limiting the spread of the coronavirus. We also applaud the Taiwanese Government for their efforts in the handling of this difficult situation. 


       All participants of the event will receive a full refund in accordance with what has been paid. We appreciate your patience as we go through our refund process. The TAIMUN treasury will complete this process as soon as possible.


       The TAIMUN XVIII Secretariat would like to thank all the participants for their support of  TAIMUN XVIII. We would also to give special thanks to:


  • Our Honorable Chairs

  • The Taiwan CDC

  • Jeniffer Lu, Keynote Speaker

  • OutRight Action International

  • The Splendor Hotel


       We look forward to hosting another inspiring and thought-provoking TAIMUN event next year. Please be assured that TAIMUN XIX will continue to build on the legacy that is TAIMUN, Taiwan’s first and most historical Model United Nations event.  


       Sincerely,  ​

              TAIMUN XVIII Secretariat





       This year, Taiwan was lucky enough to become the very first country in Asia to pass the Same-Sex marriage bill. To coincide and celebrate such a magnificent event, this year at TAIMUN, we’re very proud to announce our theme —LGBTQ Rights. Passing the bill indicates our society has moved on from the past and is willing to accept new changes, new individuals, and new ideas. But still, as a global citizen, possessing the knowledge is never enough. As we envision the day when every human being, no matter the age, gender, race, and even sexual orientation can all live equally, we are responsible for spreading this knowledge and correct every misconception within the society.

       -SG Sean Ko