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Advisory Panel Question

Hello everyone!

I'm Kingston Yu, the President of APQ and a junior at Pacific American School. I got into MUN four years ago, and it's been a game-changer for me. MUN showed me how connected we all are, both as countries and individuals. It made me realize that if we pay attention to what's happening globally, we can make the world a better place. The UN might not have all the power, but our awareness and involvement matter – which is why your decision to join TAIMUN alone is already a step towards the better. To the new folks here, have a blast! Get to know the exciting international events happening (even if some may be a bit worrying), and push yourself to speak in front of people – it’s really not that scary once you do it. And to the experienced delegates, enjoy yourselves too! Challenge yourself to give top-notch speeches. A debate is especially meaningful when there’s a blend of both the inexperienced and the experienced – don't underestimate the creative ideas that newcomers can generate once they learn from the role models who are well-versed in MUN. On a side note, I’ll accept a suitable amount of troll amendments in the end since that’s what I always do as a delegate. Outside of MUN, I'm a big fan of gaming, especially Genshin, and I love collecting songs from the awesome 1980s. In any case, let's dive into MUN together, have meaningful and fun discussions, make lasting connections, and work towards a world where we're all in the know.


Kingston Yu


Deputy President

Ricard Petrevics


Hello, delegates!

My name is Ricards Petrevics. Some of you might already know me because I create a lot of interesting amendments at other MUN conferences. I am a sophomore at American School in Taichung. I am part Latvian and part Taiwanese. I can speak multiple languages including English and Chinese. I started my MUN career in 2022 and my first conference was HSINMUN. I consider myself quite lucky that my first chair was Angel (the SG) which helped me since it was my first time socializing. Yes, I was an introvert and I believe maybe some of you in my committee will be too, but don't worry: I will help you step out of your comfort zone without you even noticing. MUN has shaped me a lot; it taught me how to socialize and helped me gain confidence. It also helped me learn how to make better decisions and how to understand subjects from another point of view. These factors shaped me into the person I am today: an outgoing, nice and eager-to-share type of person. During the conference, try to speak and understand what's going on. If you need help, write a note to me or an email prior to the conference and I will do my best to help. See you soon!


       - 801 The question of political structures in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)


       - 802 The question of the humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

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