Executive Announcements


Jarvis Watson

Esteemed Delegates and Honored Guests,


       Welcome to TAIMUN XVIII - Strive to Thrive. We are very excited to host our 18th-annual TAIMUN event. The Secretariat team has worked tirelessly to provide all delegates with the opportunity to enjoy this year's conference. 


       We look forward to opening discussions and debates on a plethora of worldwide issues and topics. Topics in regards to LGBT+ rights, national security, and environmental protection will all be discussed at length. Current events ranging from the Hong Kong Protests and Tariff War will also be brought to our table of intellectual exchanges. As always, TAIMUN will lead the way into 2020 with innovations and aspirations to meet our goals as the frontier leader of all things Model United Nations in Taiwan. We strive to follow in the footsteps of those who fought to see Taiwan become the first nation in Asia to pass same-sex marriage laws. Displaying courage and true leadership by example, TAIMUN is putting forth our commitment to excellence and acceptance with TAIMUN XVIII.


       I encourage all delegates to share their thoughts openly inside and outside of their committees. Deliver your opening speeches with passion and thoughtfulness. Look to inspire and be inspired by your committee mates. The TAIMUN team hopes that all Chairs, Delegates, Advisors, and Press team members look to share knowledge with each other and make this the best conference yet.



Jarvis K. Watson

AST MUN Director 

Delegates, Administrators, Student Officers, Advisors, Faculties, and Guests, 


       Welcome to the 18th-annual session of Taiwan Model United Nations! My name is Sean Ko, and I am a senior at American School in Taichung. It is my utmost privilege to serve as your Secretary-General this year. 

Eighteen years ago, TAIMUN was established as the very first Model United Nations Conference in Taiwan, for the sake of bringing diligent students from all over the nation to participate in meaningful discussions about issues aro, while brainstorming impactful solutions that can improve our world. “Knowledge is meant to be share without borders”. Eighteen years later, the opportunity that we provide is no longer limited to Taiwan; we set forth to open ourselves to the rest of the world. Now, participants are able to interact with intellectuals from other parts of Asia. 


       This year, Taiwan was lucky enough to become the very first country in Asia to pass Same-Sex marriage bill. To coincide and celebrate such magnificent event, this year at TAIMUN, we’re very proud to announce our theme—LGBTQ Rights. Passing the bill indicates our society has moved on from the past and is willing to accept new changes, new individuals, and new ideas. But still, as a global citizen, possessing the knowledge is never enough. As we envision the day when every human being, no matter the age, gender, race, and even sexual orientation can all live equally, we are responsible for spreading this knowledge and correct every misconception within the society.


       At TAIMUN, we care more about running a successful conference. Every participant’s feelings and feedbacks are crucial to us. With professional team members working alongside me, I am confident to say that TAIMUN this year will truly be memorable and worth attending. A conference is only successful with everyone respecting and working with each other. Let us accept each other, regardless of their identity and interests, to construct a wonderful conference together as we work hard lobbying, debating, voting—and of course—“strive to thrive”.





Sean Ko

American School in Taichung Class of 2020

Secretary General

Sean Ko

Greetings to all delegates, honorable chairs, and most esteemed guest,


       I am James Lai, a sophomore at the American School in Taichung, and it is my utmost honor to serve as Deputy Secretary-General in the eighteenth annual session of TAIMUN. Founded in 2003 as Taiwan’s very first Model United Nations conference, the TAIMUN team has always striven to provide participants with equally fruitful and enjoyable experiences. 

       As Asia’s very first nation to legalize same-sex marriage, Taiwan has made tremendous strides over recent years not only to promote but also ensure equal opportunities and rights to members of the LGBTQ+ community and has enabled members of the said community to prosper in today's rapidly changing world. 

       However, systemic discrimination against members of the LGBTQ+ community continues to plague our world today, including the criminalization of homosexuality through barbaric canings and atrocious hangings. To combat this urgent issue, the international community must fight to create a better world not only for us but also for future generations.  

 Whether you’re a student officer or delegate; a press or admin member; a reporter or video editor—strive to fulfill your duties to the best of your abilities. Advocate for your pioneering, unconventional solutions. Capture and communicate sentiment through still images. Guide and help those around you. Most importantly, strive to thrive in the world beyond your immediate environment and setting. 


James Lai

Deputy Secretary-General

Taiwan Model United Nations, 18th Session