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Executive Announcements

Laura Moye


Dear Delegates and Special Guests,


        We are especially excited to welcome you to our campus this year for the twentieth anniversary TAIMUN conference. As a relative newcomer, who has been to just one TAIMUN, it is hard for me to imagine this complex, student-run, operation occurring every year for twenty years. After all, all of the students who will be attending and leading the conference were not even born when TAIMUN began. 


        Today, TAIMUN is part of a larger, remarkable ecosystem of Taiwan-based Model UN conferences. What an incredible network of youth diplomats we have in Taiwan. We thank you in advance for honoring us with your presence at this special mile-marker event.


        “Facing the Challenges of Humanity: Renewing Hope” is our TAIMUN XX theme. While we celebrate the history of TAIMUN this school year, we aren’t just focused on the past. The United Nations is about building a brighter future for all people. As MUN-ers, you are global citizens who study global issues in order to be effective problem solvers and peacemakers. When we see so many challenges and so much suffering in our world, the news does not always inspire hope. However, our charge to you is to not succumb to pessimism and cynicism, dead-end attitudes that create self-fulfilling prophecies. 


       The future belongs to you and it has not been written. You hold the pen. We encourage you to embrace optimism, to use your skills, and to collaborate with other young diplomats to devise creative solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. Be hopeful, be engaged, be persistent, and be patient so we can realize our hopes for a brighter world that is sustainable and humane for all.


With Hope,

Laura Moye

AST MUN Director

Lydia Chen

Honorable Secretariat, Chairs, Delegates,

        My name is Lydia Chen, a Senior at the American School in Taichung and it is my honor to serve as the Secretary-General for TAIMUN XXI. Since the start of high school, MUN plays an important role in my life since it not only allows me to explore the complexity of the world but also provides me with a clearer understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. 

        This year, our theme for TAIMUN XXI, “Facing the Challenges of Humanity: Renewing Hope”, aims to challenge the delegates to rethink the decisions people made toward the planet and society as a whole. Nowadays, political conflicts, trafficking, pollution, and lots of crises that lead to long-term consequences are emerging in society, and solutions need to be complex, effective, and inclusive in order to benefit the whole world. 

        Current, people are hesitant to rethink the decisions we made or brainstorm the ways we can undo our faults. By upfronting the challenges of humanity, it will raise awareness about all inhumane aspects of humans and motivate people to find possible solutions to renew the hope of humanity. 

       I hope that through this conference you will all be able to find your passion in discussing global issues, meet new people, improve your confidence, and have a very memorable experience.

        If you have any questions in regard to the conference, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you all in April! 

Lydia Chen,


Taiwan Model United Nations, 21st Session

Secretary General


Honorable Secretariat, Chairs, and Delegates,

     Welcome to the twenty-first session of TAIMUN! My name is Angel Weng, a sophomore at American School in Taichung, and it is my utmost honor to serve as one of the Deputy Secretary-Generals at TAIMUN XXI. When I first started my MUN journey in seventh grade, I was unaware of the global issues happening in the world. Throughout this journey, MUN has not only taught me to be aware of global events, but to also treasure these opportunities that allow me to understand and learn different global leaders’ perspectives around the world. 

     This year, our theme “Facing the Challenges of Humanity: Renewing Hope” encourages delegates to recognize the decisions made by world leaders and the consequences of those decisions. These decisions affect us in the present and the future, which is why it is crucial to acknowledge these outcomes. As part of the MUN community, it is our responsibility as global citizens to voice our opinions and to take action into addressing these issues, in order to renew the idea of hope for future generations. 

     As I come into my closing remarks, my challenge for everyone is to look into these decisions and to understand, acknowledge and recognize the challenges our world is facing today. I hope this conference will be a memorable experience to all delegates, chairs, directors, and guests. Until now, see you all in April! 

Warm regards, 
Angel Weng 
Deputy Secretary-General


Angel Weng

Greetings, everyone!


     Welcome to TAIMUN XXI! My name is Ting Tsai, a current senior at Hsinchu County American School, and it is my greatest honor to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General at TAIMUN. For the past seven years, MUN has embellished my intellectual experience, inspiring me to become a global citizen who loves traveling and making friends from different corners of the world.

     This year, our theme “Facing the Challenges of Humanity: Renewing Hope” navigates current and historical affairs with the ambition of seeking solutions that pave the way to a bright future ahead. As you explore the intricacies of each issue, I hope you will leave this conference better equipped with reflections of the past and present to yearn for the years to come.

     Aside from MUN, I enjoy cycling, making music, and directing plays and films. I also enjoy meeting new people, and I am excited to see you this weekend!



Ting Tsai,

Deputy Secretary-General


Deputy Secretary General

Ting Tsai


Welcome to the 21st TAIMUN meeting held by American School in Taichung! I am Ian Hsu, a junior at AST. I am honored to serve as the Parliamentarian of TAIMUN this year! 

I will be in charge of the approval panel and help answer any questions that you guys might have in the rules and procedures for MUN. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions at any time! 

This is my third year participating in TAIMUN. I am flattered and excited to be the first Parliamentarian in TAIMUN history! I am really thankful that I have my Secretary-General, Felipe Dombkowski, help and lead me through the process of preparation for this position. I will try to do my best to bring you guys an amazing experience in TAIMUN 2023! 



Ian Hsu



Ian Hsu

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