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Human Rights Council 1


       - 601 Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia

       - 602 Measures to prevent Human Trafficking in developing nations



Greetings! My name is Benjamin Wu, a rising junior at Hsinchu County American School. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as your Head Chair for Human Rights Council 1 at this year's TAIMUN XXII session. 


I evidently recall the uncertainty upon entering our school's MUN club a few years ago, where I was unaware of its purpose and activities. With guidance from my peers, I quickly gained a solid grasp of MUN's fundamentals within my first year. To this day, beyond raising awareness of global issues and refining leadership and communication skills, this experience inspired my interest in various social science fields from a unique perspective outside the standard academic curriculum.


As opposed to conventional approaches, the secretariat team has encouraged the exploration of innovative and sustainable solutions in the context of unfolding regional conflicts, and more importantly, their applications on human rights. Regardless, TAIMUN XXII will be my 15th conference overall and 5th time chairing. Welcome to join HRC 1 for a fruitful MUN experience!

Head Chair

Benjamin Wu


Greetings Delegate! I am Liyeh Kang, a current Sophomore studying in Dominican International School, and it would be my utmost pleasure to serve you as your Deputy President of HRC1 for TAIMUN XXII. This will be my tenth conference and third time chairing. My Model UN journey embarked as early as sixth grade. However, it was in eighth grade when my true ardor and passion for Model UN started to emerge. Not only did MUN compel me to step out of my comfort zone, but it also provided me with various, memorable experiences where I developed and discovered my interests in public speaking, researching, and communicating. Moreover, constantly researching and debating on global issues altered my interests and habits as well. Now, I only skim through the headlines of the latest news articles and read any articles that have caught my attention. Hence, I think it is safe to say that MUN really made me become more aware and attentive of both my surroundings and the world around me. Looking back, if I could go back in time, I would advise myself not to be reluctant and keep pushing forward. I believe that if you doubt yourself too much or are not willing to take risks and give it a go, you would lose your entire opportunity. I think this was the paramount reason why I am able to serve as the deputy chair in TAIMUN this year. Although I was extremely unsure whether or not I could be accepted, I took the risk and applied. If I hadn’t applied at all, there would be no possibility for me to chair at all. Therefore, in this three day conference, I would like to strongly encourage and advise the delegates to relentlessly make attempts in all their actions. 


During my leisure time, I usually enjoy learning new languages, scrolling through tiktok, baking cookies, and listening to Drake, SZA, Chase Atlantic, and Madison Beer. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any inquiries. I am looking forward to serving you all in March!

Deputy Chair

Liyeh Kang

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