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GA1-1 ( Disarmament and International Security)

Head Chair

Kyra Dean

[GA1] - Kyra Dean Chair Photo.png

Hello, delegates! My name is Kyra Dean, and I am a current senior at Hsinchu International School. It is with utmost pleasure to serve as your Head Chair for General Assembly 1 at this year's TAIMUN conference. I have been participating in MUN since the seventh grade, and TAIMUN XXII will be the 12th conference I've chaired and the 21st I've attended. MUN is not only about finding your own opinion but also about listening and understanding the perspectives of others. MUN has enabled me to become more aware of issues that plague our world and shaped me into the global citizen I am today. As your head chair, I want to make myself as approachable as possible and allow delegates to ask me about the issue at hand. To ensure that the most effective and feasible solutions are produced, I highly encourage all delegates to complete extensive background research on the topic beforehand. New delegates may feel shy to speak up at first because they are unsure of the debate procedure and their respective country stances, but I want to be the one to provide you with the confidence you need to approach the podium and voice your opinions. As I was once that shy delegate unable to approach the floor, I hope that at this conference, I can assist all delegates in allowing them to express themselves and become active fighters for our future. With that being said, Yebin and I cannot wait to chair you all in March!

Greetings, delegates! 

My name is Yebin Kim, currently a senior at Hsinchu International School (HIS). It is my utmost pleasure to serve as your Deputy President of General Assembly 1. My MUN journey began when I was a middle schooler, seeing that participating in this academic club would enhance my writing, public speaking, and debating skills. Though I was reluctant to participate in the beginning, I now realize how important MUN is to me. MUN has played a big role in my life that helped to bridge the gap between myself and the world, increasing my awareness of issues and events that the world is experiencing. As a MUNer who has once been a delegate, I fully understand the challenges the delegates may face during the conference. Therefore, as your Deputy Chair, I hope to provide any needed help and encourage all these delegates to step out of their comfort zone to actively participate in debates and gain experiences that will help them build their MUN career. I also strongly recommend all the delegates to have thorough research that will assist them throughout the conference. Outside of MUN, I love watching movies, REWATCHING the same movies, scrolling through tiktok, and sleeping. With that being said, I sincerely hope to provide unforgettable and valuable memories to every single delegate, and please feel free to reach out to me if you need any help. I truly cannot wait to see you all at TAIMUN XXII!

Deputy Chair

Yebin Kim



       - 201 Addressing and preventing coups occurring in West and Central Africa 


      - 202 Measures to ensure adequate security from cyber terrorism and cyber crimes

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