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Human Rights Council 2

Deputy Chair

John Kao

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I am Josephine Tang, a Junior from Hsinchu International School, and I am incredibly excited and grateful to serve as your President in the Human Rights Council. TAIMUN XXII will be my 10th conference and first time chairing. I became involved in MUN since 8th grade, and as a new delegate, experienced some intense moments in the committee room. However, I have grown to love the exciting debate and sometimes ridiculous formality. To me, MUN serves as a platform for delegates to advocate for and grasp their country's stance, enhance global awareness, and consider perspectives from different people, recognizing their potential impact on real issues in the real world. MUN has not only opened a whole door to knowledge about politics, history, and geography but has also planted in me the insight and courage to speak about real-world challenges. 

I encourage all delegates to confidently speak up and engage in discussions, although I am most aware how intimidating it is. However, just know that the chance to make your voice heard is what will draw you in and make you comfortable with speaking up. Anyways a bit about me: if I am not busy writing my chair report or stressing about my APs, you will find me reading, looking for more books to read, or bookmarking videos I know I will never watch. 

With that said, if delegates have any questions regarding anything before or during the conference, I am always available to answer, and I can’t wait to see you all at the conference :)

Hi delegates!


My name is Austin Yang, a current sophomore at International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park (IBSH). I am honored and excited to be your next deputy president of HRC2 for Taimun XXII.


My first conference was a nerve-racking experience; I was not exactly the most outgoing person in the room. However, after interacting with different delegates, I realized that we were all meant on the same boat, to support each other to come up with solutions to the broad range of issues imposed on us. I looked up and admired those in my committees that had much more experience than me, who I viewed as mentors and role models; they were the ones that made me comfortable in the Model United Nations community, because in the end, MUN is about fostering teamwork, communication, and inspiration, and bonds of friendship.


Now, after not so long a period of time, I am here as a guide, and I wish to fulfill that role to the best of my ability. To new delegates, embrace your moments of blunders; those fumbles, those slip-ups, those moments where you stand in nervous silence after being asked a daunting POI.. To experienced delegates, I hope this conference serves to further develop and grow your diplomatic and leadership abilities. And to my head president, I will definitely look forward to learning a lot from you.


As for myself, I like to read, study, play and produce music on the piano, daydream about kdramas, and getting my ankles crushed in basketball. I am always open to questions, so feel free to reach out, and see you all in March!

Head Chair

Josephine Tang

Deputy Chair

Austin Yang



       - 601 Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia

       - 602 Measures to prevent Human Trafficking in developing nations

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