Advisory Panel Question


Jaida Dean

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Hello, delegates! My name is Jaida Dean, a current junior studying at Hsinchu International School. It is my absolute honor to be serving as your President of APQ at this year’s TAIMUN XX conference.


I started my MUN career in the 7th grade in hopes of improving my public speaking as well as my debating skills. Needless to say, after just one conference, I realized that I had been completely mistaken about what the purpose of MUN was. MUN is not a one-time conference where you debate world issues and create comprehensive resolutions. In fact, MUN is a chance for you to make an impact in our current world, for you to help broaden your knowledge of the world, for you to become problem solvers and critical thinkers. I have attended 21 conferences in my four years of MUN. Through these conferences, I have been able to meet some of the brightest, most engaged people, exercise my public speaking skills as well as stay informed on pressing world issues. Last year, I had the privilege of serving as Head President of HSC and needless to say, TAIMUN had been one of the most memorable conferences I have ever attended. With that being said, I genuinely hope to create a memorable conference this year.


Outside of MUN, some of my other hobbies include reading, watching Netflix, specifically rewatching shows like Friends and Brooklyn nine-nine, and spending time with my friends. I look forward to seeing delegates actively participating in the conference to create a better world for future generations. I can’t wait to see you all at TAIMUN XX!

My name is Hubert Chang, a junior from International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park, and I’ll be serving as your Deputy President for the Advisory Panel. This will be my third year of doing Model UN and my third time chairing a committee.


Outside of Model UN, I run a Science Club at our school to offer my fellow classmates and underclassmen a chance to enjoy the wonders of engineering, experiments, and many other STEM-related activities. From building massive cardboard bridges from scratch to experimenting with VR technology, there’s truly never a dull moment to be had. My club has become a large part of my identity and taught me many things about innovation and leadership, skills I now use in everyday life and Model UN.


As for hobbies, I do graphic design, digital art, watch anime, read books, and play a lot of video games. I may not get much direct sunlight, but at least I can fix all your tech issues, probably.


I have a word of advice for any delegates that may be anxious: two, actually. First, pretend like you’re constantly being recorded: you better look confident if you don’t want to cringe when your friends force you to watch it later, right? Second, just stop being nervous and take the step forward: if you feign your confidence for long enough, it’ll eventually become genuine confidence.


Although my use of rhetorical flair will be limited as a chair, I hope I can lighten up the tension and anxiety inside the minds of the less-experienced delegates we may find. I most certainly look forward to an engaging and exciting conference; see you all later this coming April, cheers. 

Vice President

Hubert Chang

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       - 901 Addressing the current and foreseeable impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the global economy


       - 902 Ensuring access to and quality of technical and vocational training